The Hits Keep Coming! Seahawks Hire Mike Macdonald!

Mike Macdonald

Welp! It’s never a dull moment when you follow the Commies. The Athletic is reporting that the Seahawks are hiring Mike Macdonald as their new head coach.

Mike Macdonald was the defensive version of Sean Mcvay. The hot young coordinator in his 30s working magic on his side of the ball. Macdonald managed to scheme up defensive gameplans that shut down the vaunted Kyle Shanahan offense as well as the admired Ben Johnson offense. Macdonald’s defense then shut out Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the second half of the AFC Championship Game.

It is safe to say that fans of the Commies were pulling for Mike Macdonald to be the next head coach once Ben Johnson gave the double middle finger salute to Josh Harris. Unfortunately, it looks like Commies fans are not going to get their first option as head coach or their second option as head coach. Luckily, Commies fans have a long history of being continually disappointed in their football team, so they should be more than prepared to handle this latest disappointment.

At this point, it is safe to say that Josh Harris is probably going to wheel out Ron Rivera 2.0 in the form of Dan Quinn as the new head coach of the Commies. This will certainly cause the Commies fanbase to have an epic meltdown. It looks like the Commies fans’ honeymoon with both Harris and Peters is about to come to an abrupt end.

As I always say, it is never a dull moment when you follow the Commies!

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